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Tips for Your New Well System

TipsTravis Schwope

Understanding your well system is vital to ensuring it is operating efficiently. Once the well is completed, and the pump is installed our technicians will be happy to walk you through the operation of your system.

Tips for Your New Well System:

  • Ensure easy access over wellhead for future service. Enclosing the well inside a large structure makes it difficult to pull the downhole pipe, in the event the submersible pump goes out. We recommend a small structure (Like a dog house) that can easily be lifted and moved off the slab.
  • Install the pressure system controls inside the actual pump house, separate from the wellhead.
  • Be cognizant of leaks. New well systems can spring leaks as shifting of the pipes in the ground or structures occurs.
  • Ensure fire ants (or other insects) cannot get into your pressure switch. Our team usually sprays a repellant inside the switch during installation, but it only lasts for a few months. A cattle ear tag with insecticide is a great way to prevent ants from getting into electrical components.
  • If you have a storage tank, make it habit to check the water level frequently. All storage tanks that Schwope Drilling installs come with a sight gauge. When the tank is full, the PVC weight will be hanging towards the bottom of the tank. If the weight is at the top of the tank, the tank is empty. If your storage tank ever goes dry, immediately cut off the power to the booster pump to ensure the pump does not fail. If you cannot hear water filling the tank, cut off the power to the downhole submersible pump as well.
  • If you ever hear your booster pump operating continuously, ensure you do not have any faucets open. If no faucets are open, cut off the power to the booster pump and call us.
Pressure Switch

Pressure Switch