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Constant Pressure Systems

A constant pressure system operates with a variable frequency drive controller that automatically monitors your household demand. Like the cruise control on a car, the variable frequency drive speeds up or slows down the pump depending on your household water requirements. The result is reliable, constant pressure where and when you need it.

  • Can provide higher water pressure than most municipal systems
  • Increased pressure regardless of system demand
  • Retrofits to any existing well system
  • Reduces or eliminates noisy pipes
  • Helps provide total system protection, avoiding costly repairs
  • Works with existing pressure tanks or allows for space savings with use of a smaller tank
  • Can be installed on an existing conventional 4” well pump system, regardless of the pump/motor manufacturer
Constant Pressure Controller

Constant Pressure Controller

Benefits of Constant Pressure Systems

  • In a conventional system when the pump/motor start, it starts very quickly and generates a lot of heat. Excessive heat is the most popular failure mode for a motor. The Aquavar Solo2 will soft start the motor which means there is no excessive heat generated. With the soft start feature the motor runs cooler and lasts longer.
  • With a conventional water system, pressure drops as usage increases. A constant pressure system with a properly sized pump will help maintain the water pressure even with increased demand.
  • The Aquavar Solo2 can be installed on an existing conventional 4” well pump system regardless of the pump/motor manufacturer. The Aquavar Solo2 easily converts a traditional conventional system into an upgraded constant pressure system.
  • Optional WiFi monitoring on select models enables homeowners to get alerts when the system is operating outside of desired parameters.