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H. W. Schwope & Sons, Inc.

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Well Inspections

Well inspections are performed to ensure the well system is operating efficiently. Schwope's trained technicians will do a full visual inspection of the equipment on surface for leaks and potential hazards. We will test all electrical components and do a flow test to determine how many Gallons Per Minute (GPM) the well produces. We recommend pairing well inspections with water samples to ensure there is not an intrusion of bacteria into the well system.

Electrical Components

Inspecting your electrical components on a regular basis can prevent costly failures later down the road. Our team is trained to test each component and ensure it is operating efficiently.

Filtration equipment

Filtration equipment is complex. They usually have many different components, timers, and maintenance schedules that need to be tended to frequently to ensure proper operation. Our field technicians are glad to explain how your system works, and educate you on maintenance. 

Storage tanks

Storage tanks are a common component in water well systems in the Texas Hill Country. During our inspection, our team will perform a visual inspection of the tank and the flow sensors. If you have a storage tank, you will have a separate booster pump that pulls the water from the tank to the house. Making sure the tank system is operating correctly, ensures the longevity of the booster pump. 

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Well Inspection
from 350.00

Customers will receive a typed report for the following:

  • Inspection of all electrical components & operation
  • Inspection of pressure system operation
  • Inspection of storage tank & operation
  • Recommendations for repair if any are needed
  • Listing of surface equipment models
  • Pump testing and output (Gallons per minute)

Well inspections do not come with any warranty. 

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